Expert help with your Marketing technology.

Are you a marketing manager looking to put your technology to better use? You are not alone.

Marketers working with today’s complex technologies are usually faced with some tough choices if they want to get extra help.  They might feel forced to choose between two very different types of help available in the industry:

  • Agencies. You know those big-name “full service” consulting agencies who list off an impressive array of capabilities. The possibilities on tap look appealing, but when it comes time to execute on your special project, they are often ill-equipped for the task. Making mistakes, wasting precious time, fumbling for answers, or exposing your business to unforeseen risks. Learning “on the job” is fine, but not at your expense!
  • Vendor partners.  Have you ever thought to yourself, “If we ever lose our service partner, we’ll really be in a jam,” then you know exactly what it’s like to have someone wield their expert power over you.  The knowledge they have of your intricate systems often manifests itself as hefty hourly fees and long delays. Why do even the most straightforward tasks now take so many hours to finish? Why are 3 employees suddenly billing me to attend the same conference call? Overbilling is typical among vendor partners. The more power they wield over you, the less likely you are getting value for your spend.

There is another way.  It takes skill and exposure to really master a marketing platform. At BRIM Consulting we stick to just a handful of platforms, and know those systems really well. Working with us gets you great results, and along the way you avoid the hidden costs associated with expensive agencies and vendor partners.

Our service philosophy is simple:

We’ll help you “own” your marketing platform.  Our clients have been working with us for years, because they like to know what’s happening with their own marketing technology. At the end of any given project, we’ll offer to meet briefly, pull up a screen-share and show what happens, document the process, and answer follow-on questions. After all, it’s YOUR platform — not anyone else’s — so we will help you own it.

Your hardworking specialists. Every day we work with just a few well-known marketing platforms, follow their new features and releases, observe trends and collect best practices. While other consultancies try to be experts at all things, we do the exact opposite: mastering the technologies that matter most to you.

Giving you impartial counsel. As an independent practice, BRIM Consulting beholden to its clients alone, and therefore in the best position to help you make informed choices with your platforms. We’ll help you “right-size” your platform, staff up your marketing team appropriately, and often realize thousands of dollars (or even hundreds of thousands) in annual savings in the process.

The (not so long) list of platforms we work with is as follows:

1. Oracle Eloqua.
2. Marketo.
3. Salesforce Cloud.
4. Shopify.

That’s it. You won’t find us waffling about all the other fabulous things we do on the side. If you need help with these platforms, we’d love to talk.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Our marketing team worked with BRIM Consulting to help us build out our Eloqua marketing automation system. Through Ken’s tactical knowledge and recommendations he helped build our lead nurturing program, proper tracking for leads and marketing performance, and helped build out Eloqua/Salesforce lead flow process to ensure leads could properly sync.”

Marketing Manager, Thunderhead, Manchester, NH

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Ken is exceptionally professional, bright and engaging. If it needs to get done, you can be sure Ken has it covered. Ken was easy to approach and dependable. We received a solid marketing plan from him and it was executed with excellent attention to detail and provided solid, measurable results.”

Senior Marketing Manager, Verint Systems ESG, Rockwell, MA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“BRIM Consulting has been a tremendous resource for our lead generation and lead management programs. He offers creative solutions to meet our needs and continuously recommends improvements to streamline our current processes. Ken is a pleasure to work with and truly feels like an extension of our team. I would recommend Ken to anyone looking to build a lead management platform or expand upon their current programs.”

Marketing Manager, Insulet Corporation, Bedford, MA

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Ken’s depth and breadth of knowledge and skill in marketing automation tools is unmatched. Without Ken’s talent, I would not be able to implement the numerous campaigns that have supported our company’s thought-leadership and ROI goals.”

Marketing Communications Manager, Iron Mountain Digital, Southborough, MA

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Are you getting the most out of your marketing platform?

Lead Scoring. Tired of seeing mediocre results from your campaigns? Build your own algorithms to expedite the hottest qualified leads to your sales team first, evaluating their contact, account-based data, and behavioral data.

Segmentation. Stop with the big seasonal email blasts. Pull effective lists using web site visitor data, product affinity, social media engagement, or responsiveness to past campaigns.

Account-Based Marketing. Coordinate sales and marketing efforts to target accounts and help move deals to closure, faster.

Lead Nurturing. Nurture your leads over time with a series of emails that prompts follow-up at the exact moment a contact shows more interest.

Email preferences. Stop the flood of email opt-outs. Offer each email recipient the control they crave over the type and frequency of email they would like to see from you.

Progressive profiling. Gather the information you need on your leads without “spooking” your prospects with big web forms.

Google Ads, Google Analytics and CRM Integration. Can you be sure you’ve captured every single one of your paid ad leads reported across Google Ads, Google Analytics and Salesforce? Let’s put the powerful integration possibilities to work for your lead generation, making sure you aren’t losing track of any of those precious inquiries.

These are just some of the possibilities among many.

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