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If you are a marketer struggling with how to successfully use your Marketing Automation Platform, you are not alone.   Marketers working with today’s complex automation technologies are usually faced with a dilemma: They feel forced to choose between two very different types of hired help.  Partnering with either of these can end up seriously compromising their long-term success:

  • The problem with hiring agencies.  “Full service” marketing agencies often list an impressive array of capabilities.   Their breadth may look appealing on paper, but when it comes time to execute on your special project they are often ill-equipped for the job, fumbling for answers or unwittingly step into the many pitfalls of automation, putting your business at risk. They learn “on the job” – at your expense!


  • “Certified service partners” can be costly.  These outfits rely on their credentials.  It can be easier to find specialty expertise here, but may conceal a hidden agenda to “lock away” knowledge of how to directly operate your software.  If you’ve ever found yourself reluctant to leave your service partner for fear of losing their know-how, you know exactly what that’s like.   The lack of transparency and knowledge transfer can seriously undermine your long-term success.

At BRIM Consulting, our unique focus is your strength.  Choosing to specialize on just a handful of marketing automation platforms has made us true experts.  Our tight focus means that we can execute extremely well when asked to do work for hire.  Clients enjoy great results and at the same time, avoid the pitfalls associated with “on the job” learning and hidden costs associated with hiring expensive vendor partners.

Our service philosophy is simple:

No smoke and mirrors. Our clients are comfortable working with us because we operate transparently. What happens “under the hood” is never a mystery.

Know your strengths.  We work tirelessly to stay current on technologies, methods and practices used successfully (and not so successfully) in the industry. If we cannot guarantee excellence on a given project, we will decline that work and help our client find another alternative.

Impartiality.  As an independent firm, we are in the best possible position to help marketers make smart decisions about how they staff, operate and gear up, often realizing thousands of dollars in cost savings.

Contact us to get started with your special project.

“Our marketing team worked with Ken starting in 2011 to help us build out our Eloqua marketing automation system. Through Ken’s tactical knowledge and recommendations he helped build our lead nurturing program, proper UTM tracking for leads and marketing performance, and helped build out Eloqua/ lead flow process to ensure leads could properly sync.”

Anthony Terrafirma,, New York, NY


“Ken is exceptionally professional, bright and engaging. If it needs to get done, you can be sure Ken has it covered. Ken was easy to approach and dependable. We received a solid marketing plan from him and it was executed with excellent attention to detail and provided solid, measurable results.”

Melanie Toirac, Sr. Marketing Manager, Verint Systems ESG, Rockwell, MA


“Ken’s depth and breadth of knowledge and skill in marketing automation tools is unmatched. Without Ken’s talent, I would not be able to implement the numerous campaigns that have supported our company’s thought-leadership and ROI goals. Ken’s expertise, collaboration and team participation, as well as his demeanor, have proven to provide over and above value-add to our initiatives.”

– Deanna Michaelson, Marketing Communications Manager, Iron Mountain Digital, Southborough, MA


“Ken has been a tremendous resource for our lead generation and lead management programs. He offers creative solutions to meet our needs and continuously recommends improvements to streamline our current processes. Ken is a pleasure to work with and truly feels like an extension of our team. I would recommend Ken to anyone looking to build a lead management platform or expand upon their current programs.”

Lauren Beecroft, Marketing Manager, Insulet Corporation, Bedford, MA


Getting the most out of your marketing automation platform?

Lead Scoring.  Send the hottest qualified leads to your sales team first by evaluating their contact and web profile data.

Segmentation.  Pull effective lists using web site visitor data, product affinity, social media engagement, or responsiveness to past email.

Account-Based Marketing.  Coordinate sales and marketing efforts to target accounts.

Lead Nurturing.   Nurture your leads over time with a series of emails that accelerates when contacts show interest.

Email Preferences.  Stop the tide of opt-outs.  Offer each customer tight control over the type and frequency of email they would like to see from you.

Progressive Profiling.  Enhance your lead quality incrementally over several interactions, while you avoid the pitfalls of “spooking” prospects with large web forms.

Have a special project in mind?  Contact us and let’s get started.



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