3 Things You Can Do to Integrate Email and Social Media. Right Now.

Wish you had more traffic to your blogs, forums and other social media outlets?   While the benefits of using social media such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for marketing purposes are well-documented, it seems that few marketers are using the features available in their marketing automation software to get customers and prospects to social media outlets.

To close the gap, here are three simple changes you can make to better integrate email with these key channels:

1. Embed RSS headlines in emails. Syndicating your blog headlines and recent tweets in email, and having them appear on thank-you landing pages helps to showcase the great conversations taking place in real-time about your brand.  These headlines are an excellent complement to the conventional array of static icons (Facebook, Twitter and RSS) traditionally found in email footers and sidebars.

2. Configure your marketing automation referral sources.  Measure the contribution of your email to social media traffic by configuring email redirect links to track social media visitors across from your email.

3. Merchandise your email subscription options on SNS.  As a reciprocal tactic, you can encourage your prospects and customers to sign-up for email in your social media.  This can be achieved by adding a simple form which adds any subscriber to available subscription groups.  Use “double opt-in” to validate the request; once successful a “welcome” email can follow, with links to the email preference center.

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