About BRIM Consulting

Serving enterprise and mid-cap U.S. clients, BRIM Consulting is your marketing technology partner.  A low-cost, no-frills business model allows our clients to reap the benefits of efficient spending on their marketing automation without incurring the high overhead costs associated with larger consultancies.

Ken Lague, Principal

Ken has spent his career helping marketers design, build out and improve their marketing automation programs – everything from email, forms and landing pages through to the most complex program workflows, systems integrations, multi-touch and integrated multi-channel campaigns.

Prior to founding BRIM Consulting, Ken spent 15 years in the technology industry learning what marketers need to do to get great results and be cost-efficient.  He observed and directly managed a wide range of B2B campaigns while working for some of the world’s best-known brands, including Eloqua Corporation, Acer America, Dell Inc. and Rational Software.  Ken also served as undergraduate and post-graduate faculty and guest speaker for several local community colleges and at York University.

LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kenlague Twitter: @kenlague

BRIM Consulting also includes a handful of trusted web developers, designers and custom programmers to work in a variety of specialized capacities for clients.  Contact us to discuss examples of microsites and integration work we are doing for other companies.

How “mature” is your marketing automation?
Companies automating their demand generation tend to experience different challenges at different stages of the technology life-cycle.  We can offer practical tips and approaches tailored to your specific situation.

Early Stage
Get the great results you need right out of deployment. Create a groundswell of support for your new software and procedures.

Growth Stage
You’re onto something good?  Let’s spread the knowledge using proven techniques that foster rapid learning and show your team how the early successes can help them.

Maturity Stage
More users, more features and more data are familiar hallmarks of mature users of marketing automation.  Our powerful network of allied specialists can help you overcome the stubborn technical and process challenges that can impede your continued growth and success.

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