About BRIM Consulting

Serving U.S. and Canadian companies, BRIM Consulting is your source for quality help with Marketing Automation.

A no-frills business model allows our clients to make excellent use of their technology without incurring exorbitant costs.  

Whether your company is brand-new to marketing automation or you are looking to take better advantage of lead nurturing, integrated campaigns, segmentation, or complex systems integration work, having experts at your disposal is key to your success as a marketer.

Boost your sales and marketing results with the help of senior professionals who are top marketing automation technologists.

Our U.S. and Canadian clients enjoy the benefits of Sales and Marketing technology that works well for them, all without adding more full-time staff or outsourcing to expensive agencies and service partners.

About Ken Lague – Principal

Ken has spent the last 10 years helping marketers design, build and improve their marketing automation – everything from emails, forms and landing pages through to complex integrations, cross-channel campaigns, database audits, and negotiating with vendors to pay reasonable costs for what clients truly need.

Prior to founding BRIM Consulting, Ken spent 15 years as a marketing professional for some of the world’s best-known tech brands, including Eloqua Corporation, ACER, Dell Inc. and IBM Rational Software. He has also served as contract faculty at York University and for post-secondary and post-graduate Marketing programs at several Toronto community colleges.

See full profile on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/kenlague

BRIM Consulting clients enjoy access to an extended network of trusted web designers and custom programmers – providing the occasional expertise needed to get projects done quickly and cost-effectively.

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