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No lengthy evaluations, questionnaires, interviews are necessary. Getting the help you need can be quite simple. Our clients are often overjoyed to discover that with a little extra help they really don’t need to hire more full-time Marketing Operations staff, or outsource their work to expensive service partners just to get great results. Yes, “overjoyed” is the word that best describes the feeling of accomplishment!

Ken (Kenny) Lague, Principal

Ken worked at Eloqua and has since spent his career helping marketers in the United States and Canada troubleshoot, implement and improve their marketing technology – everything from emails, forms, and web design through to custom integrations, security reviews and vendor selection. Ken continues to be a top authority on all things Oracle Eloqua and also works extensively with Salesforce, Shopify, Klaviyo, Google and other popular platforms.

Prior to working at Eloqua, Ken was a marketing manager for some of the world’s leading technology brands, including Acer America, Dell (Toronto) and IBM Rational Software (Boston). He also spent several years as contract faculty at York University and Toronto-area community colleges, guest lecturing and teaching business courses to undergrad and post-graduate students.

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