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Serving U.S. and Canadian organizations, BRIM Consulting offers quality help with Marketing technology.

Whether your company is just getting started with marketing automation, or if you are looking to get help for your established team, we’d like to be part of your success!

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BRIM Consulting clients reap the benefits of marketing technology to support and enable their Sales and Marketing. Our clients are often overjoyed to discover that they don’t need to hire more full-time employees or outsource to expensive service partners just to get great results with their marketing technology. Yes, “overjoyed” is the word that best describes that feeling!

Ken Lague, Principal

Ken worked at Eloqua Corp and has since spent his career helping companies located in the United States and Canada implement, fix and improve their marketing automation – everything from databases, emails, forms, and web presence through to complex integrations, privacy compliance and security audits. Ken remains a top authority on Oracle Eloqua and works extensively in Salesforce, Shopify and Klaviyo.

Prior to working at Eloqua, Ken was a marketing manager for some of the world’s leading technology brands, including Acer America, Dell (Toronto) and IBM Rational Software (Boston). He also served as contract faculty at York University and Toronto community colleges, teaching a variety of Marketing courses to bachelor and post-graduate students.

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