Training: Taking Control of Your Software

Learning how to run your own Marketing Automation is hard work. Trying to build your team knowledge from a mix of vendor webcasts and classroom-style training often only scratches the surface of what’s really required to manage today’s complex, cross-platform marketing campaigns.

Can you afford to put your campaigns on hold while your marketing team figures out how to do what must be done?

At BRIM Consulting our training approach is designed to put your needs first. We stick to our tried-and-true formula: Expertly qualified senior marketing technologists assist you with “on the fly” configuration during responsive, hands-on coaching.

We’ve cultivated our tried-and-true methods over thousands of hours spent in the field training users at companies just like yours.  There is no better way to get your marketing team (and programs) up and running, quickly and smoothly.

Guaranteed results:

Get working immediately.  No waiting around to see when you can sign up for the next webinar or classroom in your area, to master a certain skill or project you need to get done right now.

Fewer mistakes.  Working with your team to build out campaigns and integrations “on the fly” results in far fewer configuration errors.

Eliminate time-consuming, frustrating delays trying to get help from vendor technical support.

Putting you in control lowers your costs. Learning how to do things yourself in your own instance allows you to cut back spending on expensive service partners.

Contact us to explore how we can custom-tailor a training experience that best meets your needs.

What clients say

“Ken trained me and my colleagues on the Eloqua software. He was professional, knowledgeable, and accommodating. We were able to receive the training we needed in a short amount of time. Ken’s training helped our business and has personally helped my professional development. I highly recommend him!”

– Heather Stokes, Marketing Manager, Kadient, Nashua, NH

“Ken was my instructor for Eloqua’s ‘Campaign Management’ class. He has a thorough understanding of the material. Ken has excellent communication skills, is very motivating to work with, and had our entire class eagerly participating. Ken would be a great asset for your company.”

– Angela Daniels, Marketing Manager, Digium, Huntsville, AL

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Get your team trained on these marketing automation essentials: Training 101

Train on essential lead generation campaigns by mastering Contacts, Emails, Distribution Lists, Forms, Programs and Surveys.

Essential Reports. This key area of the application is often under-served in training. Get familiar with our “playbook of reports and dashboards” so you can be more productive at assessing your campaign performance.

Admin Training. Your CRM integration, system management and security model belongs to you!  Take control and end your dependency on expensive service partners….and much more!